We recently had to purchase a new printer because our old one died. I have two ink cartridges that are about half full that I cannot use with the new printer. They are for a Canon Pixma MP490 printer. The codes on them are 210XL and 211XL. You are welcome to them if you can use them!
We have 2 55-gallon drums, both closed-heads. They contained vegetable-based oils and have not been cleaned.
In new condition. It needs an agile owner.
We were given some packaged Japanese food recently. We won't eat any more of it, so we wanted to pass it on to someone who would like it. From what I can tell from the packaging, there is some Mimiga Jerky, some peanuts, something labeled Otsumami, what looks like some seaweed, and some little condiments. Please come and get it!
I received some "extras" in the form of two packets of tea in an order I made recently and I'm not a tea-drinker. I would love to pass these on to someone who would love to have them. There is one 2g packet of Pukka revitalise (cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger) and one 2g packet of Tea Tonic Australiana Tea (eucalyptus, lemon myrtle).
I have 30+ buckets made to garden in. One bucket inside another with holes for drainage and a pvc pipe for watering. Most have soil in them.
I have 10 cement tree rings. Several are broken in two but can still be used.
Lifestyles king size mattress (no box springs), very clean but sags a little.
I have an inversion table in good shape and complete. Just don't use it anymore and it is taking up space.
I have some leftover cement board from a project. One almost full sheet and several small pieces. Would be great for small projects.
These pieces were packing material.
My sons were paper deliverers and received extra Herald Journal calendars. Let me know if you'd like one.
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